Premium Wool Blend Insulation for Superior Natural Warmth


Terra Lana Wool Blend Insulation is a high performance, natural, healthy, cost effective, enduring, environmentally friendly New Zealand product with unique advantages

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Terra Lana manufactures a range of wool based products including Ceiling Insulation, Wall Insulation, Under floor Insulation and Plumbing Insulation, and acoustic insulation for homes or commercial buildings. We also make woollen weed matting, grass establishing mat, and furniture blankets.


It's all made right here in New Zealand from wool recycled from carpet manufacturing, some new wool and polyester, making use of the extraordinary qualities of wool as a natural resource to produce eco friendly, long lasting, superior performance, quality products for home and garden, residential and commercial.

Terra Lana Natural Wool Insulation is an integral component of FOREVERBREATHE ~ High Performance Breathable Wall Systems.


To take full advantage of the unique properties of wool as an insulation, Terra Lana recommends you use the breathable construction system FOREVERBREATHE.


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