New Zealand has one of the highest rates of respiratory illness in the OECD countries, proven to be related to cold, damp housing - also shown to lead to ailments like bronchitis, allergies and infectious skin diseases.


A well insulated home is proven to be healthier. Terra Lana insulates your home exceptionally well, AND it can also provide further health benefits too, such as reducing moisture and toxins in the air.


  You’ll never regret opting for the healthier choice.






Wool ‘breathes’, which means a drier home, as wool absorbs and releases moisture from your living environment (within a breathable construction system. Terra Lana recommends the Foreverbreathe wall system). Dampness is a main factor in the health risk of cold, uninsulated housing.  It is much harder to stay warm in damp air, plus the moisture can cause moulds, mildews and other organic contaminates to grow. Research shows these are a threat to your health, leading to illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis, rheumatic fever and infectious skin diseases.

Our wool blend insulation is resistant to mold, unlike some other fibres often used as insulation.


In addition, as wool breathes it resists temperature change by absorbing and evaporating moisture from within the fibre. In a breathing construction system Terra Lana can

• Act like a very considerable thermal mass,

• Resist the change in temperature,

• Flatten out the peak highs and lows of temperature,

• Improve the comfort of homes,

• Reduce the energy required to heat and cool a home.

More on how wool breathes »



Wool actually absorbs toxins out of the air around it.

Sick building syndrome is a well documented illness caused by toxins emitted from building materials and furnishings (such as formaldehyde) and from moulds and mildew. Terra Lana works against that for you, locking those toxins permanently away in its cellular structure.


Formaldehyde is commonly used in resin-based wood products such as chipboard or customwood and is also found in finishes, furnishings, floor coverings and some insulations. Formaldehyde is slowly released from these products as the resin hydrolyses. The emissions increase with temperature and humidity. Wool molecules bind with the formaldehyde molcules in such a way that the result is irreversible and reemission does not occur. Thus wool is able to effectively and permanently remove formaldehyde from indoor air. Terra Lana natural wool insulation is capable of absorbing close to 100% of the formaldehyde commonly found in most new buildings.


Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide are by-products of combustion processes using petroleum products and coal, and are produced by gas cookers, open fires and vehicle exhausts. Wool is able to trap these harmful gases in the same way, thereby filtering your breathable air.



Terra Lana Wool Blend Insulation is toxin free, non-irritant, non-allergenic and odorless. No harmful chemicals are used in it's manufacture.

The fibres in wool are too large to be a respitory threat, and if inhaled, they break down easily because they are a natural organic protein. Often synthetic fibres (such as glass fibre) are very fine and easily inhaled, where they remain and can cause aggrevation.

Terra Lana Insulation can be safely and easily installed with bare hands and requires no protective clothing.



Because our insulation is made from natural and recycled resource, it's also a healthier choice for our wider environment, saving on pollutions from primary manufacturing and toxic or synthetic materials. Using a natural product also means no lasting nasty legacy at the end of it's life.

Terra Lana Wool Blend Insulation is made from pre-consumer recycled natural wool and a non-toxic polyester melt bond to help bind it together.



When tomorrow finally comes, you’ll appreciate that you made a healthy choice for your home insulation.


Wrap your home in the superior natural warmth of Terra Lana Wool Blend Insulation ~ it’s the natural choice for your home, family and future.

Family warm inside with wool insulation




New Zealand also has the lowest use of home insulation amongst most other cold climate countries!

When your home is well insulated, it will retain heating much longer, plus you'll be able to reheat it quicker and more efficiently. Keeping your home warmer will make it easier to keep it drier, and that all means a much healthier environment to live in.



Less energy spent heating and cooling home means less energy required from polluting fires or the power stations that burn fossil fuels to produce electricity. Coal fired generators are one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases and are responsible for generating one fifth of New Zealand’s total greenhouse gas emissions.


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