When it's cold, would you rather wear wool, polyester or fibreglass? Wool is warmer. It's designed not just to be a thermal barrier, but to actually regulate the air it's wrapped around




Wool has unique properties that make it an exceptional insulator. It's excellent capacity as a barrier to heat loss (or gain), combined with it's ability to 'breathe' give it a performance advantage. Wool will also moderate against temperature changes ~ actually helping to warm as the atmosphere cools and to cool as the atmosphere becomes too hot. This adds another level to it's effectiveness as an insulation.


Terra Lana Wool Blend Insulation is BRANZ appraised (Appraisal 682) for performance.



Wool fibres are hygroscopic –ᅠthat means wool is able to absorb and release moisture vapour in the air. It is the only fibre with this property used for insulation in New Zealand.


As temperature becomes cooler, wool absorbs moisture from the air and energy is released in the form of heat ~ helping offset the drop in air temperature.  As the air around wool fibre is heated, wool releases moisture from within the fibre as vapour, absorbing energy in return ~ which has a cooling effect.


The net result is Terra Lana wool insulation can act like a thermal mass, opposing the change in temperature, creating a more comfortable living environment.  Brilliant!





Within specially designed construction systems that include vapour permeable internal linings and building wraps with ventilated building cavities,  Terra Lana can reduce moisture and condensation, making the air drier and warmer by egressing water out of the home through the moisture wicking wool insulation.


Drier air is much easier, quicker and cheaper to heat and feels more comfortable. It’s healthier too, as dampness can cause mould and mildew that is otherwise a threat to both your health and your house.


ENDURING PERFORMANCEwool crimp waviness diagramwool fibre construction cross section, microscope image

Wool will last the life of a home without breaking down. To remain effective, insulation fibres must form pockets of still air. Wool fibre structures not only have insulative air within, they  also have a very resilient crimp - or waviness which pushes them apart to create air space between. Tiny scales on the fiber surfaces help hook them together so the wool stays fluffed up. The result – longer lasting insulating performance that doesn't slump over time.


This is critical when choosing an insulation product, because the material will only insulate effectively as long as it keeps its loft.





Terra Lana's exceptional performance will not only enhance your home by making it warmer longer and easier to heat, but more healthy too. When tomorrow finally comes, you’ll appreciate how you’ve saved on energy, on health, home maintenance, not having to re-insulate, and on environmental impact.

We have heard it so many times before “once you have insulated with wool you will never look back."


Wrap your home in the superior natural warmth of Terra Lana Wool Blend Insulation ~ it’s the natural choice for your home, family and future.

Warmer in wool. Girl wearing wool



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