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Wool is an extremely effective insulator. It is designed to keep sheep comfortable ~ often in extreme conditions.  The unique qualities of wool give Terra Lana an advantage over other insulation types and further benefit the home environment.



Wool fibres are hygroscopic. ᅠThat means wool is able to absorb and release moisture vapour in the air. It is the only fibre with this property used for insulation in New Zealand.


As temperature becomes cooler, wool absorbs moisture from the air. As moisture is absorbed, energy is released in the form of heat ~ helping offset the drop in air temperature.  As the air around wool fibre is heated, wool releases moisture from within the fibre as vapour, absorbing energy in return ~ which has a cooling effect.


The net result is Terra Lana wool insulation can act like a thermal mass, opposing the change in temperature, creating a more comfortable living environment.  Brilliant!


TYPICAL NIGHT CYCLE (cooling external temperature)

How wool breathes as insulation, warming diagram showing moisture absorbed from room and heat radiated back

Moisture in the air is absorbed by wool, releasing energy to inhibit the cooling process.



How wool breathes as insulation, cooling diagram showing moisture released from wool and heat absorbed, cooling room

Moisture is released as vapour out of the wool in exchange for heat energy, helping to cool the room.


The result is a drier, warmer home in cold weather and a cooler home in hot weather, with more even temperature throughout.


This phenomena is the reason why sheep can survive in extremely hot and cold environments.  The fleece evens out the peaks so that the body of the sheep stays comfortable.



Within specially designed construction systems that include vapour permeable internal linings and building wraps with ventilated building cavities,  Terra Lana can reduce moisture and condensation, making the air drier and warmer by egressing water out of the home through the moisture wicking wool insulation.



Testing by the Energy Research and Development Corporation, Wool Research and Development Corporation and CSIRO in Australia determined wool outperforms synthetic insulation fibres of the same R value rating by as much as 3ºC. Inside temperatures were 2º warmer in cold weather, and 3º cooler in hot weather.  This is due to wools hygroscopic property and the thermal exchange effects described above.


Terra Lana natural wool insulation is capable of absorbing close to 100% of the formaldehyde and other toxins commonly found in most new buildings, being emitted from building materials and furnishings.

Wool molecules bind with toxic vapour molecules in such a way that the result is irreversible and reemission does not occur. Thus wool is able to effectively and permanently remove toxins (like formaldehyde, Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, etc) from indoor air.


Terra Lana Wool Blend Insulation is made from natural wool and polyester and is naturally toxin free.

Terra Lana natural wool blend insulation contains no formaldehyde. It is also naturally resistant to mould and mildew (also of potentially toxic effect).


The wool in Terra Lana is predominantly sourced from carpet manufacturers.  Hundreds of leftover part used spools of twisted yarn are reclaimed with our special machinery that turns it back into usable fibre. We recycle our off cuts and Terra Lana Wool Blend Insulation is 100% recyclable at the end of a homes life.



Terra Lana is non-toxic, non-irritating and safe to handle and install without any protective gear. It’s easy to rip to length by hand, and can be cut if required simply using hand held sheep shears or a knife. This can mean significant savings on installation time and costs.



A New Zealand product through and through ~ sheep’s wool, innovation, natural, quality, effective, value, sensible, and of course - made right here.


Wool will last the life of a home without breaking down. To remain effective, insulation fibres must trap air and form pockets of still air. Wool fibre structures not only have air within, they also have a very resilient crimp (wainess) which pushes them apart to create air space between. Tiny scales on the fiber surfaces help hook them together so the wool stays fluffed up. The result – longer lasting insulating performance that doesn't slump over time.

This is critical when choosing an insulation product, because a material will only insulate effectively as long as it keeps its loft.


 wool fibre construction cross section, microscope image




Wool has excellent acoustic insulating properties.

Terra Lana's Chatterblock insulation is designed especially for maximum acoustic insulation. With an extra high density, it is manufactured to fit within narrower interior wall cavities.




LIFE OF HOUSE : Terra Lana is here for the life of your house and won’t need costly reinstalling. We offer a 50 year guarantee on our insulation products.


LASTING PERFORMANCE : Because it retains its loft and fit, Terra Lana insulation will continue to perform, meaning continued savings on energy and through all the benefits of a drier, healthier home environment.


HEALTH :  Terra Lana goes beyond the call of duty here when it comes to insulation.


CONDITION - A drier building is less prone to costly repairs and maintenance.


ENVIRONMENT - by investing in our future environment through using recycled, recyclable or biodegradable and renewable materials, we all save in big ways in the long term.



Terra Lana’s core insulation products comply with or exceed building standards and are BRANZ appraised (appraisal number 862).



With it's excellent, lasting insulative performance, Terra Lana is not a cost, but an investment. It will typically pay for itself within a number of years through energy savings. After that, those savings are a profit return on your investment – for the life of your building.



Specify the superior natural warmth of Terra Lana Wool Blend Insulation ~ it’s the natural choice for building today and for the future.



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