Installing Ceiling Insulation

New Ceilings

  1. Terra Lana rolls are usually ideal; segments can also be used.
  2. Roll out the batting between the joists, ensuring an even, snug fit.
  3. If using segments ensure there are no gaps around the outer edges of the segments and no folds in the segments themselves. Where segments are butted together there should be no gaps between them.
  4. Always allow a 25mm gap between roofing membrane and insulation.
  5. If fitting from below, before the ceiling liner is installed, make sure Terra Lana is well supported with battens or strapping.
  6. Cover ALL the ceiling. Terra Lana should reach to at least the middle of the top plate of the exterior wall, and cover any internal walls.

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Pitched / Skillion

Pitched or Skillion Roofs

  • Terra Lana is usually fitted from below before the ceiling lining is in place.
  • Use pre-cut widths to ensure a snug fit.
  • Where there are no battens or ceiling joists, staple Terra Lana directly to the rafters.
  • Always allow a 25mm gap between Terra Lana and the roof underlay or roofing material.

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Ceiling Double Layer 1

Double Layer System

  1. A double layer system within a truss roof increases the insulation (R-value) still further*.
  2. Fit the first layer between joists or trusses.
  3. Lay the second layer, perpendicular to the bottom layer covering the top of the joists / trusses, tearing in from the
    side to fit around truss webbing.
  4. If this isn’t possible, lay the top layer in the same direction as the bottom, making sure that the joins don’t coincide.
  5. Installation of a Terra Lana double layer system should be read in conjunction with instructions for ‘New ceilings.’

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Ceiling Retrofit

Retrofiting Existing Ceilings

  1. Terra Lana top-up products are designed to be installed over timber structures, perpendicular to the joists, rafters or trusses (check the product label to ensure you have the right product).
  2. Make sure existing insulation is level and dry. Refit any displaced areas.
  3. Begin installing Terra Lana at the furthest point from your ceiling access.
  4. Use a pole to push Terra Lana into hard-to-reach corners, and over the exterior wall perimeter.
  5. Cover recessed areas with a piece of timber strong enough to stand on then insulate over the top of this.

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