Installing Cylinder Wrap

How to Install Your Hot Water Cylinder Wrap

  1. Loosely fit the wrap, foil side outwards, around the cylinder. In tight areas, the wrap will flatten to 15mm.
  2. Where necessary cut a slit from the edge of the wrap to slide the wrap over piping then tape the slit.
  3. Pull the edges of the wrap together so they just touch. Do not pull them together tightly as the wool in the wrap needs room to regain its natural loft after being compressed in the packaging.
  4. If the wrap is larger than the cylinder you can either:
    a. Trim the edges. DO NOT trim the edges with the fold backs (flaps).
    b. Overlap the edges.
  5. Tape the edges in place using the fold back.
  6. Pull the wrap together at the top like a Christmas cracker and fix around the header pipe with a cable tie. You can push the wrap flat onto the top of the cylinder to make it easier to gather the foil and tie it.
  7. Wrap the woollen pipe lagging supplied around the pipe carrying hot water from the cylinder. Do this in a coil-like manner ensuring a 50% overlap. Secure both ends of the lagging with PVC tape or cable ties.


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