Plumbing Insulation Install Guide

How to Install Your Pipe Lagging Insulation

For the insulation of water supply pipe work up to 40mm diameter.

Wrap Lagging // Rolls of 75mm x 10m

  1. Wind the pipe lagging around the pipe in a coil-like manner ensuring a 50% overlap.
  2. Secure both ends of the lagging with the PVC tape or cable ties.
  3. No protective clothing, gloves or mask required.


TerraLana INSTALL Pipelagging


Tubular Lagging // Rolls of 100m

  1. Measure length against pipe section and cut to length
  2. Slide tube sleeve over pipe BEFORE connecting the last end of the pipe.
  3. No protective clothing, gloves or mask required.



  • Where the lagging is exposed to direct sunlight it must be protected by UV resistant wrapping.
  • Where exposed to external moisture lagging should be protected by a waterproof membrane.
  • When installed as instructed, Terra Lana Pipe Lagging will comply with minimum requirements of N.Z.B.C Clause G12, Water Supplies. 


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