TerraMulch Install Guide

How to Install Your TerraMulch

Site Preparation 

Where grass or weeds are established, spraying the site first with a suitable herbicide will reduce maintenance.

Good soil contact with the matting is critical; grade and evenly contour the areas to be covered, removing any obstacles.

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Flat Sites

Application – Wetlands, Plant restoration, Subdivisions

  • Un-reinforced (U) TerraMulch does not have the jute reinforcing and is the most cost effective option for low gradient sites.
  • A minimum of 500gsm is recommended to achieve good weed suppression and ground stabilisation.
  • Higher density un-reinforced TerraMulch can also be used on a range of sloped sites and the GSM density should be selected that best suits the site. Multiple products may be required on one site to give the desired result.
  • For sites that have steep gradients greater than 2:1 or which require a high level of ground stabilisation, reinforced (R) TerraMulch is recommended.
  • Use the same installation method as shown for sloping sites.
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Sloped Sites

Application – Motorway Batters, Riparian Planting, Sound Bunds.

  • Use unreinforced or reinforced TerraMulch.
  • Create a trench at the top and bottom of slope 200mm wide x 100mm deep
  • Lay the top and bottom edges in the trench and backfill
  • All joins overlapped by 200mm
  • Secure all overlaps by anchoring with biodegradable
  • TerraPegs at 500mm centres on gradients greater than 2:1
  • The rest of the matting can be anchored at 1m centres.
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TerraMulch Squares 

Application: Individual plantings where full ground coverage is not required, or only the area directly around planting requires weed suppression.

  • Place the slit of the TerraMulch squares around the base of plant/tree.
  • Peg through the four corners using 100mm TerraPegs. For soft ground use 150mm TerraPegs.
  • Close the slit around the plant and peg through the slit.
  • Ensure both edges of the slit are fixed by the TerraPeg.
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