Chatterblock+ Acoustic Insulation

CHATTERBLOCK+ Acoustic Interior Insulation

CHATTERBLOCK+® Acoustic Insulation provides a strong sound barrier between walls, midfloor and outside, thanks to wool's remarkable sound dampening qualities and high density of at least 18kg/m3. It is also an excellent thermal insulator.

Terra Lana CHATTERBLOCK+® Acoustic Insulation can be substituted within all GIB noise control systems (including inter-tenancy walls). 


  • Intertenancy walls and floors
  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Absorber behind perforated ceiling systems
  • Internal walls between living areas, bedrooms and midfloor.
CHATTERBLOCK+ Acoustic Wall Insulation
R 2.2 90mm 22.90.560
R 2.4 90mm 24.90.560
R 3.2 140mm 32.140.560

CHATTERBLOCK+® Acoustic Wall Insulation is available is widths of 360mm and 560mm. It is the same composition as our external wall insulation so it is dense (at least 18kg/m3), rigid and will friction fit within the wall framing.

CHATTERBLOCK+ Acoustic Midfloor Insulation
R2.2 90mm 22.90.415
R3.2 140mm 32.140.415

Our mid floor insulation should be ordered specifically to fit between the mid floor joist spacing. Allow 15mm wider than the inside measurement between joists for the product to friction fit. There is no extra cost to cut specific widths providing there is more than 50m2 ordered per width.