Chatterblock ECO

Chatterblock ECO Acoustic Insulation

CHATTERBLOCK ECO® acoustic insulation has been developed for use with GIB acoustic systems and where high acoustic performance is required within a thinner cavity space. CHATTERBLOCK ECO® is 60mm thick.

We recycle the building site waste off-cuts of Terra Lana wool blend insulation—otherwise going to landfill—to create a highly sustainable acoustic insulation product for New Zealand.

CHATTERBLOCK ECO® is a double density product that has a higher rigidity, designed to fit within narrower cavity spaces, or to allow service space for cabling or plumbing within standard cavities



  • Intertenancy walls & floors including GIB systems
  • Residential and Commercial building internal walls and mid floors



CHATTERBLOCK ECO® is a sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly NZ product that provides a highly effective sound barrier within a narrow width profile that is easy to install.

  • Acoustic Excellence CHATTERBLOCK ECO® is formulated with and extra high density of  47kg/m3 with a high flow resistance rating makes it suitable for specialised sound control in a wide range of applications
  • Waste Reduction & Sustainability CHATTERBLOCK ECO® is made using recycled Terra Lana building site offcut waste blended with polyester—mostly from recycled PET bottles
  • Easy Install  CHATTERBLOCK ECO® is easily cut using a 20mm craft knife without protective gear and is self-supporting
  • Durability CHATTERBLOCK ECO® is extra rigid and dimensionally very stable, guaranteeing an effective and durable product for the lifetime of a building
  • Detoxifying Wool can absorb toxic vapours from building materials, trapping them within its cellular structure for a healthier, non-irritating and non-toxic indoor air environment
  • Internal Moisture Management The structure of sheep wool fibre is hygroscopic—allowing it to actively absorb and release moisture in the form of vapour. This helps to mitigate against moisture and condensation for a drier, more comfortable environment
  • BRANZ Appraised  Appraisal 682: 2010
  • Quality Assurance  50 year warranty.



Depth Density Code Size m²/bale
60mm 47kg/m3 CB.60.560 12 x 1.2m x 560mm 8.06 m²



CHATTERBLOCK ECO® is made from 75% Terra Lana Wool blend insulation building site offcuts, blended with 25% polyester—sourced mainly from recycled PET bottles.  



Simply cut with a 20mm craft knife and steel rule guide, for a self-supported friction fit finish.



CHATTERBLOCK ECO® has been assessed for its acoustic performance by Marshall Day Acoustics.

Marshall Day Acoustics generally recommend a flow resistance of 140-200 Rayls or greater, for an acoustic insulation product to be used with double stud or similar wall construction




CHATTERBLOCK ECO® is a hero of our sustainability loop. Made from 75% recycled Terra Lana wool blend insulation site waste offcuts, blended with polyester—mostly from recycled PET bottles. Plus, the Terra Lana itself is made from sustainable source natural wool and recycled wool textile manufacturing waste!Sustainability loop diagram 1080p