Exterior Wall

Natural Wool Insulation
Exterior Wall Insulation

Our exterior wall insulation is dense, rigid and resilient to slumping. Supplied in standard widths designed to fit between studs spaced at 600mm or 400mm and lengths designed to fit a 2.4m to 2.7m stud height. If stud spacings are variable we can manufacture specific widths.

Exterior Wall Insulation
R Value Thickness Code
R 1.8 70 mm 18.70.560
R 2.2 90 mm 22.90.560
R 2.4 90 mm 24.90.560
R 2.8 140 mm 28.140.560
R 3.2 140 mm 32.140.560
R 3.6 140 mm 36.140.560