Exterior Wall

Exterior Wall Insulation

Our exterior wall insulation is dense, rigid and resilient to slumping. Supplied in standard widths designed to fit between studs spaced at 600mm or 400mm and lengths designed to fit a 2.4m to 2.7m stud height. If stud spacings are variable we can manufacture specific widths.

Wall Service Cavity

We’ve brought all the benefits of Terra Lana Wool Insulation for adding R Value in service cavity areas while greatly reducing thermal bridging in ceilings and walls.

Using timber battens installed perpendicular to studs creates a service Service Cavity for plumbing and cabling. While allowing the primary insulation layer to remain uncompromised, it also greatly reduces the thermal bridging area of timbers in exterior walls and provides a further layer of insulation to raise the total R Value.

This can also reduce timber costs, where otherwise increased thermal standards may require deeper framing. By utilising insulated service cavities, we optimise the cost of insulation and timber as we meet the new thermal standards. This can also enhance the acoustic barrier within the wall.


Thermal Bridging is where timber is in contact with both the warm and cold sides of the wall or ceiling and acts as a bridge for energy to escape the home. Timber conducts thermal energy three to four times more than insulation. As higher-rated insulation between studs, joists and rafters is specified or required to meet standards, the thermal loss through timber becomes proportionally higher.