Retrofit Underfloor Insulation
R Value Thickness Code
R 2.0 115 mm 20.115.480

Our underfloor insulation is specially designed with a thick top wool layer with a semi-rigid polyester base layer to give rigidity and prevent wind wash. Designed to be exposed and retrofit installed from the underside of a timber subfloor, our standard wall and ceiling insulation can be used when enclosing the underfloor and installing from above. Underfloor insulation can be stapled or friction fit between joists depending on spacings. Lengths can be ripped by hand or cut for irregular spaces. Supplied in standard or custom widths. 

*Allow approximately 40-60mm wider than the joist inside measurement for retrofitting and 10mm wider for installing from above.

New Build Drop In Floor Insulation
R-Value Centres CODE
2.7 400 DIF.110.365
R3.2 400 DIF.140.365

Terra Lana's Drop n Floor Insulation is New Zealand’s first BRANZ appraised, high performance, semi-rigid, fibrous insulation designed to be installed prior to flooring being laid. Specifically designed for suspended timber framed floors*, where insulation is installed from above the floor joists, prior to the installation of sheet flooring.

Our Drop-In Floor Insulation not only creates exceptionally warm floors, it also creates a more solid feeling floor as impact noise and vibration is deadened by the compression of fibrous insulation against the sheet flooring.

Using our quick and cost-effective proprietary fastening system, our Drop-In Floor Insulation is the fast, easy and healthy alternative to polystyrene. We use a combination of New Zealand wool and recycled polyester fibre to form a dense, durable underfloor insulation solution that is guaranteed not to slump.

*Suitable for both lined and unlined suspended floors, with or without a fully enclosed perimeter foundation.

As standard, insulation is supplied in two thicknesses (70mm or 110mm). Customised widths and lengths available for orders greater than 100m2. Insulation is designed to be 10mm wider than the gap it fills.

Installation method & tools protected by NZ Patient No. 774996.
BRANZ Appraisal No. 1164 [2021]