Hot Water Cylinder Wrapping

Hot Water Cylinder Wrap
Code Dimensions Pieces per Bale
TLCWDIY 2150 x 1600 mm 1
TLCWDIY 2150 x 1600 6

Terra Lana hot water cylinder wraps are made from a thick blanket of wool blend insulation that is lined with a heavy-duty thermal reflective foil. They are wrapped around your Hot water cylinder and tape sealed to make an extremely effective thermal enclosure.

Up to 45% of the average household power bill is spent on heating hot water. Hot water cylinder wraps increase the thermal insulation of older electrically heated cylinders and can save up to 10% of monthly power bills.

Our hot water cylinder wraps made from wool are naturally safer, non-irritant, non-allergenic, non-toxic and odorless. They contain no harmful substances and require no protective clothing or masks to install. At the end of the building's life the wool inside can be composted where it breaks down safely and naturally.


Fit most older style hot water cylinders that do not have in-built insulation (pre 1998).


A sharp knife and roll of tape are all that is required to install your cylinder wrap.