Terra Mulch

TerraMulch (Formerly MulchMat) is a fully biodegradable non-woven wool matting used in the establishment of trees, shrubs and groundcovers in landscape plantings. Wool TerraMulch prevents soil erosion, suppresses weeds, preserves soil moisture and insulates plants from temperature extremes, thus ensuring swift and sure establishment. Over time Wool TerraMulch fully biodegrades, releasing plant nutrients which provide an additional boost for growing plants.

Terra Lana's wool TerraMulch is a geotextile made from pure wool and recycled wool waste. Our reinforced version is strengthened with jute, a natural vegetable fibre (also known as hessian). This is ideal for stabilising banks and consolidating soil on slopes. Both versions are supplied in either rolls or mats pre-cut to the centre from one side to allow easy fitting around the base of trees and shrubs.



  • TerraMulch is used for soil retention on the road edge.
  • TerraMulch is used around the base of trees and shrubs.
  • TerraMulch supports ground-cover growth in landscape plantings.
  • TerraMulch protects young trees and shrubs.



Bank planting around base of trees, shrubs and ground-covers, road edge, industrial and domestic sites.



  • Orchard tree/vine establishment and weed control mulch.
  • Strawberry mulch.



  • Re-establishment of NZ native plants.