Plumbing Insulation Install Guide

TerraLana INSTALL Pipelagging

How to Install Your Pipe Lagging Insulation

For the insulation of water supply pipe work up to 40mm diameter.

  • 75mm x 10m
  • Tubular 100m
  1. Wind the pipe lagging around the pipe in a coil like manner ensuring a 50% overlap.
  2. Secure both ends of the lagging with the PVC tape or cable ties.
  3. No protective clothing, gloves or mask required.


  • Where the lagging is exposed to direct sunlight it must be protected by UV resistant wrapping.
  • Where exposed to external moisture lagging should be protected by a waterproof membrane.
  • When installed as instructed, Terra Lana Pipe Lagging will comply with minimum requirements of N.Z.B.C Clause G12, Water Supplies. 

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