Christchurch Arts Centre

The Arts Centre, arguably Christchurch’s most treasured Catergory 1 heritage building, suffered extensive damage during the 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquakes. 

The seven year, $290m restoration program of the distinctive and compelling Gothic Revival building is one of the largest heritage restoration projects in the world.

Terra Lana is extremely proud to be the insulation of choice for such a culturally, historically and architecturally significant project where only the best will do. To preserve the building, it is important to keep the timber as dry as possible.  This is where wool insulation has an advantage with it’s (unique?) capacity to breathe and absorb atmospheric moisture, and so minimising the likelihood of dampness.

Warren & Mahoney architect, Craig Fitzgerald had this to say “Terra Lana wool insulation fits all of the criteria required for the Arts Centre rebuild: Long lasting, high quality, natural, environmentally friendly, locally produced, and with low combustibility, the product offered flexibility and easy installation for a complex project.”

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