The Wall House

Terra Lana Products Installed: Wall, Ceiling and Acoustic Insulation
Architect: Max Capocaccia of MCAS
Builder: Nick Parson of Parsons Construction
Awards: Registered Master Builders Association, Gold Award for Canterbury
Build Location: Mount Pleasant Christchurch

Architect’s comments

Max of Capacaccia Architecture said that “it’s a real balancing act to supply homeowners with healthy energy efficient homes that are created using materials with a low carbon foot print. Specifying Terra Lana is the obvious choice for MCAS”. Max say’s “there is no negative to Terra Lana. It’s natural, sustainable, and has superior performance.”

Builder’s comments

Nick of Parsons Construction said “the health and safety of his workers is paramount”. He is always pleased when Terra Lana is specified as the insulation choice for a build. “It’s great knowing my guys don’t need to wear protective clothing when handling Terra Lana insulation. I know I am not putting the health of my employees at risk of inhaling toxic fibres.” Nick said, “As a construction company, I am well aware of the amount of waste construction sites produce, that fact Terra Lana takes back any off-cuts to their factory to be recycled into more insulation is fantastic. I appreciate one less waste product ending up in landfill that we are responsible for.”

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