Benefits of Insulating

Save Energy
Save Energy
Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly
Acoustic Excellence
Acoustic Excellence
Enduring Value
Enduring Value
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Keep the heat in

Insulation creates a barrier that stops heat escaping from your living areas.  We call this a 'thermal barrier'. Your home stays warmer longer and takes a lot less energy and time to heat or cool.

Wool has the performance edge. 

Because wool breathes it can perform better as an insulator—by actively absorbing and releasing moisture in the form of vapour. Terra Lana insulation performs not only as a thermal barrier but also like a thermal mass, moderating the change of temperature within a home to create a more comfortable environment. 

Wool is the only fibre with this quality used for insulation in New Zealand. Coupled with good design, this helps mitigate risk associated with moisture, particularly in skillion ceilings.

Warmer, drier home through winter, cooler during summer.

Even when it's damp

Most fibres won't insulate when wet or damp, but wool will still keep things warm—even with up to 30% of its weight in moisture content!  That means it gives you consistent performance even with high humidity or where insulation becomes compromised by moisture.



Natural acoustic excellence

Most home insulation will reduce noise between rooms or from the outside to some degree.

The natural structure of wool fibre makes it excellent at blocking noise, as well of course, keeping you warm. 

Terra Lana CHATTERBLOCK+® and Chatterblock ECO® acoustic insulation are designed with extra density for optimal sound-dampening properties. They can be used for sound control in a wide range of applications such as internal walls, mid floors and ceilings. 

Not only will Terra Lana keep you warmer, you'll have less noise between rooms for a quieter house. Sleep easy.


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A warmer, drier home is much better for you

Insulating your home is one of the first things to do for a healthier home environment.

Research shows that cold or damp housing can cause or exacerbate many health issues, including asthma, bronchitis, rheumatic fever and infectious skin diseases.

Terra Lana insulation will keep your home much warmer longer with less cost and will help guard against damp conditions. Warmer, drier, healthier more comfortable home.


Not only is Terra Lana non-toxic, but it also has the remarkable ability to absorb toxic vapours away from your living area. Many building and furnishing materials in New Zealand homes emit toxic vapours such as formaldehyde, which have been shown to be harmful for our health.

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Relax with a 50-year warranty and ongoing savings

Home insulation should pay for itself. The value of Terra Lana is felt from the moment it's installed. Your initial investment is paid back in energy savings—plus you keep on saving. There's value in your enriched comfort, health & well-being and then Terra Lana's longevity adding to your property value.

With many new houses, having to re-insulate because of product failure would mean having to remove wall/ceiling cladding or lining in order to replace insulation—a very costly exercise! When you choose Terra Lana, you will only need to insulate once. Our 50-year warranty is your assurance that Terra Lana will continue to perform as effectively as the day it was installed.

Because Terra Lana helps to mitigate moisture problems, you have less risk in the longer-term of costly major repairs due to damage from any moisture buildup in poorly ventilated cavity spaces. 



Talk to us about how natural Wool Blend Insulation can improve your project.