Choosing sustainable, environmentally friendly and healthier ways to do things is increasingly important and becoming a major factor in consumer choice. 

We each have a responsibility to consider the environmental impact of our actions in everything we do. Terra Lana is committed to sustainable, environmentally friendly and healthier built environments. Our entire manufacturing operation is designed with a sustainable mindset. It's our passion to pioneer sustainable solutions using wool for a better tomorrow.

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We are passionate about minimising our waste throughout production and during the installation process.

  • We return installation off-cuts to the factory and recycle them into more insulation
  • All our fibre manufacturing waste is fed back through production
  • Terra Lana wool insulation is 100% recyclable
  • We use a mix of new & recycled pre-consumer waste wool, mainly from carpet manufacturers.
  • The virgin wool component in Terra Lana is sourced from local farmers, reducing transport and processing
  • Our wool is blended with a majority percentage of recycled polyester, saving single-use PET plastic bottles from landfill
  • We operate low-carbon manufacturing
  • Reduced packaging—wherever possible, we supply insulation un-bagged to reduce waste.



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'Closed-loop' manufacturing is the model of the future. Here's how it works with Terra Lana.

Beginning with natural wool from sheep, the wool carpet & textile industry produces considerable offcut and tail-end yarn wastage. Rather than ending up in landfill, Terra Lana comes to the rescue recycling it, along with construction site offcuts of Terra Lana insulation. Then we blend it all with polyester—sourced mainly from recycled PET bottles. This all happens in our purpose-built facilities in Christchurch, New Zealand. Off it goes to be installed and the circle continues.

Terra Lana icon SHEEP


of recycled waste wool processed each week.

Terra Lana icon POLYESTER


of recycled PET polyester used weekly for the manufacture of Polyking underfloor insulation. 


Terra Lana icon WASTE


of total waste saved from landfill each week!

*Approximate total weight. Actual varies week to week.


Terra Lana, a sustainable choice for NZ