Wool for Premium Performance

Wool is warmer. It has unique advantages you won't find with other insulation. 

Wool is renowned for its extraordinary warmth. Think wool jersey on a cold, damp day—or go ask a sheep!

Terra Lana is outstanding at keeping the heat in, but because it's made with wool, it further helps to keep us cosy in other ways. It is also excellent at blocking noise and is very stable and long-lasting.

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Because wool breathes

The complex natural design of wool fibre makes it extremely effective at blocking the transfer of heat by trapping air within and between its fibres. But that's not all. The cellular structure also enables the absorption and release of water vapour—known as 'breathing'—which drives moisture away from insulated spaces making them drier, easier to heat and more comfortable. 

As if that wasn't enough, this 'breathing' process can also help to moderate internal temperature, as energy in the form of heat is released from moisture vapour transfer.

And because wool can uniquely maintain its insulative performance even when it's damp (even with up to 30% of its weight in moisture!), it still won't stop keeping you cosy.

You'll have a warmer, drier home through winter, cooler during summer.

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The quieter choice.

Wool has excellent acoustic insulating properties, so it helps to keep the noise down through walls, mid floors and ceiling.

While all Terra Lana thermal insulation provides outstanding noise reduction, we also offer products with STC acoustic ratings, for where a higher degree of sound reduction is required within a thinner space.


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Backed with a 50 year guarantee.

Wool has stood the test of time as a very durable fibre that resists biodegrading until composted. That’s why Terra Lana insulation is backed with a 50 year guarantee. We use a blend of NZ wool for supreme performance, combined with polyester to add rigidity, so it stays in place, keeps its loft and continues performing to spec.


There's more! Terra Lana is healthier too...
Natural, renewable resource & recycling...
The superior natural choice.