Innovating with wool SINCE 1999

For over two decades, Terra Lana has harnessed the unique qualities of New Zealand wool to create innovative wool products for our people, our land and our future.

The Story of Terra Lana


Wool is the heart of Terra Lana. We’re all about these super-powered fibres – acoustically sound, moisture-wicking, warmth-producing, soft and natural. We have been innovating with New Zealand wool to manufacture products for the construction sector since 1999. 

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Terra Lana is committed to supporting the New Zealand wool industry, the planet and our people through embedding circular design as part of our manufacturing DNA.

We’re constantly transforming, shaping and evolving what we do, what we bring to the market, and how we support the construction sector to be more sustainable, now and into the future. This is Terra Lana: building wool innovation, for life.

A History of Innovation


In 1999 Terra Lana Products Limited pioneered the commercialisation of making insulation and eco-textiles from recycled wool. The team built on the work of The Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand, now AgResearch, looking to bring more sustainable, natural solutions to market for New Zealanders.

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We were the first New Zealand company with wool-based insulation products to be appraised by BRANZ in 2012.

In 2018, our insulation products became Declare Certified. The Declare label provides transparency for a product’s lifecycle – from material origins to manufacturing to end of life.  It is a clear statement of our commitment to sustainability and supporting consumers to make healthy informed choices about products used in their homes.

Through our return and recycling program, we were able to conceptualise CHATTERBLOCK® – our acoustic product made from 75% recycled Terra Lana insulation offcuts.

CHATTERBLOCK® acoustic insulation was then launched to market, a product specifically designed for both residential and commercial acoustic applications.

The year 2022 saw our Drop-In-Floor insulation product released as a replacement to the polystyrene alternative that is most used in the market.

DAGMAT is our latest innovation. Released in 2023, this innovative landscaping product harnesses the unique properties of dag wool for exceptional natural performance to enhance soil health, suppress weeds and manage soil erosion.

In 2024, we will be transitioning our thermal bonding oven from gas to renewable energy, further aligning with COP28’s global objectives to reduce fossil fuels in manufacturing.

Sustainability Principles & Practices

Here at Terra Lana, superior performance and sustainability through nature and innovation have always been at the core of what Terra Lana is all about—better products made as responsibly as possible.

How we do it

We do this by operating a Zero Waste policy with a ‘circular/closed-loop’ manufacturing model. That means our products are made from natural, sustainably sourced wool with any other materials being predominantly recycled.

  • We use otherwise wasted new wool from local farms and pre-consumer wool-textile-industry waste.
  • Any polyester we use is mostly from recycled PET bottles.
  • Each week we save approximately 5000kg of waste wool and 2000kg of PET plastic bottles from landfill.
  • Construction site offcuts of our insulation are returned for recycling into our acoustic insulation. And so the circle continues—with less waste.
  • Where possible, we deliver products free of plastic packaging or recycle our packaging.
  • We continually pursue more efficient energy use in our manufacturing plants and processes.
  • Terra Lana is committed to producing VOC-free products and is Declare. Red List Free certified.

Our Team


Dedicated wool evangelists, our talented team are committed to supporting our clients, team and partners to achieve the best results with Terra Lana.

In addition to our management team, Terra Lana is lucky enough to have a committed and passionate team operating our manufacturing line. We celebrate their work, values and them as individuals.

Brad Stewart Specifications Manager profile photo

Brad Stuart

Specifications Manager


022 618 9015

Caleb Geddes Sales Manager profile photo

Caleb Geddes

Sales Manager


021 567 962

Brett Day Dagmat Sales

Brett Day

DagMat Business Development


027 249 7624

James Gallagher Terra Lana General Manager

James Gallagher

General Manager


021 554 694

WHY CHOOSE Terra Lana Wool


Terra Lana is the natural choice for homeowners, architects and specifiers looking for superior performance and sustainability. That’s because wool is an amazing natural resource—a sophisticated, high-performing fibre offering many benefits that we leverage on through product innovation. Choosing Terra Lana is supporting a better future for People and the Planet.

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Wool Is Warmer

Wool has a complex natural cellular structure that provides superior warmth in all climates, as it buffers temperature changes. Like wearing wool clothing, it improves the comfort of our homes and requires less energy to heat or cool them than synthetic insulations.

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Wool is one of New Zealand’s greatest renewable resources. Our new wool is sourced from local Canterbury farms, and our recycled wool from carpet manufacturers’ pre-consumer waste. All Terra Lana offcuts can be returned and recycled in our low-carbon manufacturing plant.


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Healthy & Safe

All Terra Lana products can be handled without protective clothing. They have no nasty ingredients and have been tested to ensure negligible VOC emissions. Terra Lana products are the healthiest choice for your family and the environment.


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Moisture control

Wool is hygroscopic, which enables the absorption and release of water vapour. This natural phenomenon, together with its moisture-wicking properties, helps to reduce the risk of interstitial condensation and mould forming within buildings whilst still maintaining thermal performance.


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Wool has a natural crimp to its structure, which provides excellent acoustic properties. Testing provided by Marshall Day Labs has proven Terra Lana insulation reduces noise transfer through walls, floors, and ceilings of residential and commercial buildings.


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Our wool insulation comes with a 50-year warranty to meet the durability requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. The combination of New Zealand wool and thermal bonding technology using polyester creates a robust, structurally stable product that will never slump nor lose its loft over the lifetime of the building. You can be confident that just like wool, Terra Lana insulation will stand the test of time.

Sourced locally,
made right here in NZ

Since the 1800s, the unique properties of wool have kept Kiwis warm across Aotearoa. Continuing that legacy, Terra Lana partnered with Banks Peninsula Wool Growers (BP Wools) to ensure our wool is locally and sustainably sourced.

From farm to factory it’s less than an hour’s drive, reducing our carbon footprint while supporting local businesses—so it all just makes sense.

BP Farms embodies sustainability and ethical treatment of animals. Our collaboration ensures traceability and transparency, giving stakeholders confidence in the ethical, local source of our wool.

Choosing Terra Lana is a choice to support local farming communities, local manufacturing, and waste reduction



Declare. Red List Free


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Declare. is a transparency platform and product database allowing consumers to find healthy building materials. Declare labels state product origin, materials, and end-of-life sustainability rating.

Terra Lana wool insulation is Declare. Red List Free Certified! Meaning it contains no red-listed toxic or harmful materials.

By selecting Declare Certified materials for your home, you can achieve a Homestar rating. ANZ offers exclusive benefits for 6 Home star rated homes. Visit and to learn more.




Being a part of the growth and development of green building is what we are about, so Terra Lana are proud to be a certified member of NZGBC.


BRANZ Appraised

Terra Lana Wool Insulation Appraisals

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Terra Lana Wool Insulation has been appraised as a thermal insulation material for framed or part-framed walls, ceilings and roofs of domestic and commercial buildings.

Appraisal No. 682 (2022) Amended 21 March 2023

Sales & Specifications

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