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building wool innovation, for life

We harness the unique qualities of New Zealand wool to create innovative wool insulation, acoustic control and landscaping products.

New Zealand wool is the heart of Terra Lana. Superpowered fibres – acoustically sound, moisture-wicking, warmth-producing, soft and natural. We produce insulation, landscaping products and more. We are committed to innovating with wool for a healthier future for people and the planet.

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Discover natural insulation and healthy landscaping products for your home and garden. 


Terra Lana wool insulation installed in ceiling and wall

See Our Insulation Range

Terral Lana Insulation offers superior insulative properties, moisture control and energy efficiency for a lifetime. Made from local New Zealand wool.

Terra Lana Dagmat wool weedmat installed in native planting

Discover Landscaping

100% natural and biodegradable, DAGMAT is a revolutionary landscaping product that supports plant establishment while suppressing weeds and controlling erosion.

drop in floor insulation

Choose Acoustic Insulation

Our range of CHATTERBLOCK® acoustic insulation delivers specialised sound control, where it's needed most. For quieter, warmer homes and buildings.

Terra Lana Tuf Truk furniture blanket

View Transport Blankets

TUF TRUCK transport blankets are soft to the touch yet extremely hard-wearing. Made using recycled NZ wool.

Renewable by nature,
sustainable by choice

We’re committed to supporting the  New Zealand wool industry. We've embedded circular design as part of our manufacturing DNA. We’re constantly looking for ways to support the construction sector to be more sustainable now and into the future.  We're doing it for our people, the planet and the future. 

Innovation Stories

Product spotlight

Terra Lana wool insulation installed in ceiling and wall

Skillion Ceiling Insulation

Designed specifically for those trickier skillion roof and truss roof connections, our proprietary double-layer systems provide optimal insulation performance.

Dagmat wool weedmat planting in catchment reserve

DAGMAT Roll Weedmatting

Made from dag wool sourced from local New Zealand farmers, DAGMAT is the ideal natural solution for plant establishment, weed control ground stabilisation and moisture control.

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