Working with the wonders of wool since 1999.

Our innovative wool products offer superior performance while protecting our health and environment. 

The Benefits of Wool

The complex natural design of wool fibre has beneficial properties and advantages you won't find in synthetic insulations.

Superior Performance
Superior Performance
Acoustic Excellence
Acoustic Excellence
Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly
Moisture Management
Moisture Management

Reducing Waste by Recycling

Sustainability loop diagram 1080p

At Terra Lana, we like to operate on a Zero Waste policy. To help achieve this we recycle Terra Lana offcuts:

  • Offcuts are bagged and we collect them from building sites
  • Put back through our ragging machine
  • Blended with raw materials
  • Made back into Terra Lana insulation

And so the circle continues, less waste.



Certified for Doing it Right

Terra Lana proudly holds a Declare. certification for all its Wool Blend Insulation products, proving our dedication to using recycled, natural products in our manufacturing process, products that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

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Let's Talk Wool

Our extensive range of insulation and landscaping wool solutions are perfect for any size project.
We love to talk to our customers, get in touch and let us help you to make the natural, healthy choice.