Wool Insulation

New Zealand’s only premium wool insulation. Created using locally sourced wool, Terra Lana is designed to perform, designed to last and made to order.

Terra Lana wool insulation samples


Supplied either as segments, rolls or our proprietary double-layer ceiling systems deliver optimal insulation performance.

Terra Lana wool insulation samples


Dense, rigid and resilient to slumping, our exterior wall product delivers warmth and energy efficiency for years to come.

wool floor insulation


Terr Lana underfloor insulation is specifically designed with a thick top wool layer with a semi-rigid polyester base layer to give rigidity and prevent wind wash.

Terra Lana wool insulation samples


CHATTERBLOCK® Acoustic Insulation provides a strong sound barrier between walls, midfloor and outside, thanks to the remarkable sound-dampening qualities of wool. 

wool service cavity insulation installed

Service Cavity

We’ve brought all the benefits of Terra Lana Wool Insulation for adding R-Value in service cavity areas, while greatly reducing thermal bridging in your ceiling and walls.

wool plumbing insulation installed on pipes


Woollen pipe lagging prevents hot water from losing heat rapidly before it reaches your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry taps. A naturally safer and environmentally better pipe-lagging material.

Benefits of Terra Lana Wool Insulation


Terra Lana wool insulation is the natural choice for homeowners, architects and specifiers looking for superior performance and sustainability. That’s because wool is an amazing natural resource—a sophisticated, high-performing fibre offering many benefits that we leverage on through product innovation. Choosing Terra Lana is supporting a better future for People and the Planet.

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Wool Is Warmer

Wool has a complex natural cellular structure that provides superior warmth in all climates, as it buffers temperature changes. Like wearing wool clothing, it improves the comfort of our homes and requires less energy to heat or cool them than synthetic insulations.

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Wool is one of New Zealand’s greatest renewable resources. Our new wool is sourced from local Canterbury farms, and our recycled wool from carpet manufacturers’ pre-consumer waste. All Terra Lana offcuts can be returned and recycled in our low-carbon manufacturing plant.


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Healthy & Safe

Builders love Terra Lana insulation because it can be handled without protective clothing. There are no nasty ingredients and it’s been tested to ensure negligible VOC emissions. Terra Lana wool insulation is the healthy choice for your family and the environment.


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Moisture control

Wool is hygroscopic, which enables the absorption and release of water vapour. This natural phenomenon, together with its moisture-wicking properties, helps to reduce the risk of interstitial condensation and mould forming within buildings whilst still maintaining thermal performance.


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Wool has a natural crimp to its structure, which provides excellent acoustic properties. Testing provided by Marshall Day Labs has proven Terra Lana insulation reduces noise transfer through walls, floors, and ceilings of residential and commercial buildings.


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Our wool insulation comes with a 50-year warranty to meet the durability requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. The combination of New Zealand wool and thermal bonding technology using polyester creates a robust, structurally stable product that will never slump nor lose its loft over the lifetime of the building. You can be confident that just like wool, Terra Lana insulation will stand the test of time.

Return & Recycle


We operate on a Zero Waste policy here at Terra Lana using a 'closed-loop' manufacturing model.

No more insulation in landfills—Terra Lana wool insulation offcuts can be returned to our specialised factory where we recycle them back into acoustic insulation.

Click below to find out more or to return your offcuts.


Circular Manufacturing diagram recycled & new wool

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