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Wool Plumbing Insulation

Terra Lana pipe lagging is a natural wool felt utilising off-cuts from the textile and carpet manufacturing industries, reinforced with jute ~ a natural vegetable fibre (also known as hessian).

Pipe lagging wool insulation on plumbing pipes

Tubular Pipe Lagging

Woollen pipe lagging prevents hot water from losing heat rapidly before it reaches the kitchen, bathroom or laundry taps. Pipe lagging made from wool is naturally safer and better for the environment. The lagging contains no harmful substances and requires no protective clothing or masks to install. Tubular is a rolled-length sleeve that is slid over pipes before connection.

Pipe lagging wool insulation on plumbing pipes T joint

Linear Pipe Lagging

Wool pipe lagging also shortens the waiting time before the water runs hot at the taps and helps prevent pipes from freezing in cold temperatures. To prevent heat loss, wrap the wool pipe lagging material along the whole length of the pipe, or at least the first metre if the rest of the pipe is inaccessible. Linear is a rolled length of 75mm width lagging that is spiral-wrapped around piping.

Wool Pipe Lagging Information


When used and installed in accordance with the Manufacturer’s instructions, Terra Lana Wool Lagging will meet all the requirements of NZS 4305:1996 – Energy Efficiency – Domestic Type Hot Water Systems and the minimum requirements of N.Z.B.C Clause G12, Water Supplies.


Tools and Equipment

Terra Lana 100% wool pipe lagging insulation is non-irritant, non-toxic and completely safe, requiring no protective clothing during installation.

  • A 20mm blade craft knife, such as Stanley or Tajima (for smaller projects).
  • PVC tape or cable ties.


How to Install Wool Pipe Lagging

  • Wind the Terra Lana Woollen around the pipe in a coil-like manner ensuring a 50% overlap.
  • Secure both ends of the lagging with PVC tape or cable ties.
  • Lagging exposed to direct sunlight must be protected by a UV-resistant wrapping.
  • Where exposed to external moisture lagging should be protected by a waterproof membrane.

When installed as shown, Terra Lana Wool lagging will comply with the minimum requirements of N.Z.B.C Clause G12, Water Supplies.

Up to 40mm diameter pipes
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