The Future of our Construction Industry

Sustainable change - The future of our construction industry

Terra Lana and Health Based Building are committed to sustainable, environmentally friendly and healthier built environments.

Terra Lana supports Health Based Building's dedication to educating and lobbying for positive change in the New Zealand building industry. Raising the standards for healthier, more energy-efficient homes, for the occupants and the environment.  

At the forefront of Terra Lana's strategic vision is sustainability.

“We care deeply about all aspects of our wool products to ensure they exceed the requirements of today’s sustainable construction demands” - James Gallagher, Co-owner. 

Asthma and respiratory diseases are two of the leading causes of sickness and death in New Zealand. Health Based Building's demonstration home showcases the benefits of improving indoor air quality for better respiratory health. 

Health Based Building's 'Foreverbreathe' system focuses on high performance and the health of the building. The system utilises the natural hygroscopic performance benefits of Terra Lana wool insulation. This is a critical component and helps ensure a warm, dry, comfortable living environment.  

Businesses who construct, supply, or specify building materials must consider sustainable materials, to ensure a healthy building and a low environmental impact now and for future generations.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin.