Taylors Mistake


As featured on Grand Designs NZ 

Harmonic Architecture Ltd. 
Craig Jarvis. 
It’s an interesting journey to design your own home. 
I wanted this to be a home for the remainder of my life. A home where I would feel I was living within a piece of artwork, a sculpture.
My own personal preference of course. 
Secondly, it was incredibly important the materials I would use, would be pure, non-toxic and healthy. 
TerraLana is all of the above and more. 
Being inside the home, you feel like you are wearing a beautiful woollen jumper. Just so warm and cosy. I wouldn’t use any other form of insulation, not in my own home, and certainly not in my clients. 
Owner builder 
Craig Jarvis. 
Designing this home was one thing, building it was another. 
Extremely difficult and very challenging.
But incredibly rewarding.
The learning has been amazing. To choose materials and products within the design stage is my usual role. But to then be part of the process of putting all those materials together was a great extension of my work. It makes me appreciate the choices I had made. Working on a building site where TerraLana is being installed is exciting, as the building changes around you, performance and sound, comfort. Without irritation, I couldn’t imagine building with anything else, especially a product that causes irritation. That’s crazy.