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Retofit Underfloor Insulation

wool floor insulation

Installed from ABOVE

Our underfloor insulation is specially designed with a thick top wool layer with a semi-rigid polyester base layer to give rigidity and prevent wind wash. Designed to be exposed and retrofit installed from the underside of a timber subfloor, our standard wall and ceiling insulation can be used when enclosing the underfloor and installing from above.

under floor wool insulation

For existing floors

Underfloor insulation can be stapled or friction fit between joists depending on spacings. Lengths can be ripped by hand or cut for irregular spaces. Supplied in standard or custom widths.

How to Order

Terra Lana products can be ordered directly from our factory, or online. If you’ve got questions, please get in touch.

Key Product Data

2 x 5.6m x 480mm
5.38 m²
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Product Data Sheets

View & download a pdf product table and data sheets for all our insulation products

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Specification Table

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Return & Recycle

We like to operate on a Zero Waste policy here at Terra Lana. To help achieve this, we use a ‘closed-loop’ manufacturing model.

Beginning with the natural wool from sheep, the wool carpet & textile industry produces considerable offcuts and tail-end yarn wastage. Rather than those offcuts ending up in landfills, Terra Lana comes to the rescue by recycling it, along with construction site offcuts of our insulation.

Then we blend it all with polyester (sourced mainly from recycled PET bottles) and make it into more insulation products. This all happens in our purpose-built facilities in Christchurch.

And so the circle continues, less waste.

Circular Manufacturing diagram recycled & new wool

How to Order

Terra Lana products can be ordered directly from our factory, or online. If you’ve got questions, please get in touch.