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Specifying Terra Lana represents a choice for superior performance, longevity, environmental responsibility, sustainability and health. Today, these values are important, but we believe when you've considered everything, you'll agree our insulation is also outstanding value and a sure standard to stake to your reputation.





Masterspec is the leading electronic specification system in New Zealand's construction industry used by over 1100 design practices. Providing detailed specification resources that can be easily modified to suit any project, Masterspec delivers pre formatted specifications that can be cut and paste directly into your own building specification document.


If you are a Masterspec subscriber go to Terra Lana Masterspec specifications This will give you the full text version including Guidance Notes.


If you are not a subscriber (perhaps a builder) but would still like a specification template to work from, you can download a text only version of Terra Lana Specifications with the Guidance Notes stripped out.





When correctly installed according to the manufacturers instructions Terra Lana natural wool insulation meets the following industry standards:


AS/NZ 4859.1 : 2002

Materials for the thermal insulation of buildings - General criteria and technical provisions.


NZS/AS 1530.1 : 1994

Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures - Combustibility test for materials.

Terra Lana natural wool blend insulation has passed the early fire hazard tests (Applied Research Laboratories Test 96132) for the “Simultaneous Determination of Ignitability, Flame Propagations, Heat Release and Smoke Release”.


Ignitability Index

(Range 0 - 20)                              0

Spread of flame index

(Range 0 - 10)                              0

Heat evolved index

(Range 0 - 10)                              0

Smoke developed index

(Range 0 - 10)                              5


NZS 4218 : 2009

Thermal Insulation - Housing and Small Buildings


NZS 4246:2006

Energy Efficiency - Installing Insulation in Residential Buildings





Terra Lana natural wool insulation is available in different R values to enable the building envelope to comply with Clause H1 of the New Zealand Building Code. The Compliance Document for the New Zealand Building Code is Clause H1 Energy Efficiency - Third Edition. This is effective for building consents issued on or after 31 October 2007. It specifies minimum R values for 3 different climate zones, which broadly are:


  1. The Thames-Coromandel and Franklin districts and all districts north of these.
  2. All the North Island excluding zone 1.
  3. The Taupo and Ruapehu districts and part of the Rangitikei district plus all of the South Island.


Clause H1 gives the requirements in each zone and methodology for determining the actual R value of the insulation required in specific applications (eg wall, ceiling etc).


When designed, used, installed and maintained in accordance with the statements and conditions of the BRANZ Appraisal, Terra Lana natural wool insulation will meet the following provisions of the NZBC:


Clause B2 Durability

Clause E3 Internal Moisture

Clause F2 Hazardous Building Materials

Clause H1 Energy Efficiency


BRANZ (Building Research Association of New Zealand) has several checklists, worksheets and guidelines to help determine what R level insulation is required.


Design Navigator is another user friendly tool for establishing required R values.


Note: Note: Many new houses are constructed with 90mm deep wall cavities. In this case use Terra Lana R2.2  or R2.4. If you are building with 140mm studs then use Terra Lana  R3.2.   Compressing an R2.6 or R3.2 product down to 90mm will reduce its thermal rating to R2.4 and it is likely to create issues installing the lining.




Terra Lana's core products are BRANZ appraised – Certificate # 682 (2010)

Our subsiduary products are manufactured using the same principles and technology to deliver the same standards.




Terra Lana offer a 50 year warranty (») on all Terra Lana Wool blend insulation products.


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