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Declare. is a transparency platform and product database. It's designed to allow consumers to find healthy materials to use in their next project, such as a new home build. A Declare label clearly defines where a product comes from, what it's made of, and where it goes at the end of its life. Often referred to as a 'nutrition label' in the building industry. 

We're proud to manufacture wool insulation by recycling waste material that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Terra Lana wool blend insulation is Red List Free! A natural, healthy, sustainable, and environmentally friendly product that has no nasty chemicals and contributes to the health of the home and its occupants while having no negative environmental impact.

By selecting Declare Certified materials for your home, you can achieve a Homestar rating. Homestar is an independent rating tool that certifies the health, efficiency, and sustainability of New Zealand homes. Developed by BRANZ and New Zealand Green Building Council, Home Star rated homes are warmer and drier, more energy efficient, healthier to live in, and cheaper to run. ANZ offers exclusive discounts and home loan interest rates along with other great benefits for a 6 Home star rated home. Visit nzgbc.org.nz and anz.co.nz to learn more.



Terra Lana's core products are BRANZ appraised – Certificate # 682 (2010) 

Our subsidiary products are manufactured using the same principles and technology to deliver the same standards.

BRANZ Appraisal is the New Zealand standard authority for performance certification of industry products.  Our core products have been independently tested by BRANZ to ensure they meet stringent standards for performing their design purpose.

In short, you can trust Terra Lana.

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Being a part of the growth and development of green building is what we are about, so Terra Lana are proud to be a certified member of NZGBC.


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